1:1 Yoga

Help to set goals for your body.

Investigate and resolve body pain.

Balance flexibility with strength.

Begin to see yourself from the inside out.

Energy Healing

The chakras define certain energy boundaries of the body where we hold emotion, our past, trauma, joy, abundance etc.

When working with a pendulum I can help guide your energies back into a flow state creating peace of mind and body.

Bringing shadows to light together through trust✨

I am here for you.

From enerchakras, I am here to help you find a balanced connection to your mind and body.

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Client Comments

“It was one of the most relaxing and pleasant experiences I've ever had, for my body, mind and soul!”

-J. Yang

"Madison is a detail oriented and highly personable instructor. She truly wants to make your mind, body, and soul feel good. Her focus is on how your body moves and doing what's comfortable, while simultaneously challenging you to meet your next step confidently. It's the next best experience to a weekend yoga retreat!"

-G. Bosso

“Madi is an amazing teacher! She is patient and understanding of each persons needs. My favorite part is how Madi creates a safe environment to learn, explore, ask questions, and be accepted. Her knowledge of yoga and chakras makes for an enlightening session.”

S. Schwartz

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